Corrosion Survey

Qualitest Canada’s Corrosion engineers and NACE-certified Inspectors are committed to accurate data collection, professional client representation, and proficient documentation and report generation. Qualitest Canada has engaged with corrosion survey and corrosion monitoring program in throughout Canada including Toronto, Sarnia, Mississauga, Vancouver, Richmond, Victoria, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, Kitimat, Kelowna, Kamloops, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Saskatoon, Regina etc.

Our corrosion protection services include applications for Offshore structure, Marine infrastructure, submerged metallic pipelines, above-ground and underground storage tanks, compressor and pump stations, lift stations, municipalities, Oilsand facilities and mining facilities.

Coating Inspection

A qualified coatings inspector is part of a multi-disciplinary team on a high performance coatings project. They perform an important role in ensuring adherence to quality standards in industries such as automotive, chemical, mining, pipeline, marine and offshore, construction and refineries. Qualitest Canada can assist in evaluating existing coating systems (utilizing destructive and non‐ destructive test methods) in order to identify potential problems at an early stage. We can evaluate the current condition of existing coating systems using ASTM, AWWA, NACE, SSPC, ABS or other relevant industry standards.

The inspector’s main function is to provide a quality control service and ensure that the Scope of Work is followed. The rest of the project team usually comprises the owner; a specifier, who writes and authorizes the Scope of Work or Specification; a contractor responsible for surface preparation, application and/or construction; and a paint supplier that provides the coating material.

Qualitest Canada can also review existing specifications to ensure the surface preparation methods and coating system selection satisfies the demands of the operating environment. The safety and environmental aspects should also be addressed in the specification.

Qualitest Canada’s inspectors are highly trained professionals, knowledgeable in all phases of coating inspection. Some of the critical areas our inspector monitors are: pre‐surface preparation, weather conditions, surface preparation, coating mixing, coating application, wet / dry film thickness, re-coat times, cure evaluations, coating adhesion, and holiday testing.

Qualitest Canada approach is comprehensive and multi‐faceted, including field examination for problem evaluation and sample gathering along with laboratory analysis. Comprehensive technical reports with conclusions and recommendations are issued. Coating and lining failures can often be minimized through proper material selection, thorough field inspection services during installation of the protective coating & lining systems and utilizing proper specifications and reference standards. Qualitest Canada can assist in developing general or site‐specific quality control programs that will satisfy the end users.

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