HDPE Burst Testing

Qualitest Canada is one of the few companies in Canada perform the HDPE burst testing as per the ASTM standards (i.e ASTM D1599 etc) and as well as the project specifications. Our facilities in Mississauga Ontario, Surrey, BC and Nisku, Alberta are fully capable of performing Burst tests.

The engineers at Qualitest Canada are fully aware of Burst test of HDPE, Plastic Pipes, Tubing and Fittings. We are fully equipped and capable to make custom equipment / tool when required. We always maintain the top notch HSE standard while performing burst test.

When you are planning to do multiple burst tests, then the cost will be less comparing to just one test. We recommend that, contact our Engineers before you prepare the sample for the burst test which will save your cost and time as you will get a great suggestions and technical clarifications from them.

Because we do everything in-house, our turnout time will be between 2 to 5 business days. We can also work during the weekends or holidays when there will be requirement. There may be a small price changes for the weekend or holidays work.

Contact us for burst test, or any other tests for your HDPE, Plastic Pipes, Tubing and Fittings. – Email to admin@qualitests.com