Preservation and Equipment Maintenance

Qualitest Canada delivers high quality preservation and maintenance for a wide range of mechanical equipment to ensure health and safety of your employees and the environment. We offer preservation and maintenance services for various mechanical equipment from receiving until turnover to field operations as following:

  • Perform inspection of received equipment for damages
  • Conduct regular inspections for designated equipment to ensure that they are stored and protected properly
  • Manage equipment storage and maintenance record
  • Organize and maintain the storage environment clean and tidy
  • Supervise storage and maintenance of equipment while maintaining in the warehouse or laydown areas until transfer to the construction site
  • Record and organize “Material Tracking System” to facilitate equipment delivery, storage and maintenance
  • Perform and record required preventive maintenance, suggested by field inspectors
  • Ensure that the preservation and maintenance requirements are included in the purchase order and have been applied to equipment prior to delivery in accordance with supplier documents
  • Provide the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for any products and equipment that the Contractor uses and procures at site
  • Procure the required preservation and maintenance materials
  • Facilitate a regular inspection by the principal to verify compliance with preservation procedures
  • Control weather condition of the storage location including the moisture, temperature and pressure level based on the required specifications
  • Provide preservation status report including preservation and maintenance record on weekly basis or the interval required by the project.

Our equipment maintenance specialists perform regular inspection and risk assessment to evaluate the efficacy of the equipment and to comply with your specification requirements and applicable regulatory rules and standards. Our experienced employees execute regular risk assessment and suggest valuable recommendations based on their findings which prevent any further loss. Qualitest is happy to provide the best Industrial Equipment Preservation Services in Ontario, Alberta, BC and other provinces in Canada.