GeoTechnical Testing service provider in Alberta and BC

Qualitest Canada is one of the best GeoTechnical Testing Service provider in Alberta and BC. Our GeoTechnical Testing Department can handle any size and type of project from commercial and industrial properties to government public works projects. We can provide services on a continuous or intermittent frequency. Qualitest can perform many different types of material testing than any other testing laboratory in Western Canada. Our Engineers can design specialized tests to meet the unique needs of your project.

Our services can include the materials testing as well as the Special Inspection services for compliance with the Provincial, Federal & International  Codes and standards. In addition to the GeoTechnical Engineering services, We also perform the following tasks for our clients within a short notice.

Inspection and Testing:

  • Foundation construction observations / inspections
  • Soil compaction testing and inspections
  • Proof Roll Inspections
  • Earthworks construction control and monitoring
  • Footing Inspections
  • Pile installation monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Concrete Field Testing (Air content, Slump, Cylinders)
  • Concrete strength testing, concrete mix designs, and in-place strength investigations
  • Inspection of concrete placement and concrete curing
  • Post-tensioning and reinforcing steel inspection
  • Asphalt pavement construction inspection
  • Complete laboratory testing of soil, concrete, asphalt and other construction materials
  • Field inspection and quality control of masonry construction
  • Mortar, grout, block and brick testing
  • Steel fabrication inspection and erection and fastener inspection

Professional Geotechnical Engineering Services:

  • Soil drilling and rock coring
  • Soil investigation
  • Soil stabilization
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Test pits excavation and sampling
  • Shallow foundation design and analysis
  • Deep foundation design and analysis
  • Slope stability analysis and assessment
  • Retaining walls and earth structures design
  • In-Situ testing include SPT
  • Groundwater measurement and monitoring
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Routine and advanced construction QA/QC
  • PDA and Pile Load Testing
  • Soils and aggregate testing
  • Materials Engineering
  • Materials Testing (concrete, asphalt and soil)
  • Construction monitoring
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Environmental remediation
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Project management

Land Surveying

  • Geodetic Surveys – Surveys, which establish control networks on a mathematical datum so that measurements will reflect the curved (ellipsoidal) shape of the earth.
  • Land Surveys – Surveys, which include retracement of existing land ownership boundaries or the creation of new boundaries.
  • Engineering Surveys – Surveys performed for the location, design, construction, maintenance and operation of engineering projects.
  • Construction Surveys – Surveys, which establish stakes in the ground, and other like reference points, at known horizontal and vertical positions to define location and size of each component of the facility to be constructed, enable inspection of contract items, and serve as a basis of payment for work.
  • Cartographic Surveys – Map making from original surveys.