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What is Charpy impact test, and how Qualitest Canada performs it with fully automatic equipment in Nisku / Edmonton, Alberta?

Charpy Impact test

The Charpy Impact Test is commonly used on metals, but is also applied to composites, ceramics and polymers. With the impact test one most commonly evaluates the relative toughness of a material, and as such, it is used as a quick and economical quality control device.

This impact test shows the relationship of ductile to brittle transition in absorbed energy at a series of temperatures. Since iron and all other body-centered cubic metals undergo a transition from ductile behavior at higher temperatures to brittle behavior at lower temperatures, this test is required today for a number of important steel products including steel plates, pipes, vessels, weld metals, machineries and heavy equipment etc.

Charpy impact testing involves striking a standard notched specimen with a controlled weight pendulum swung from a set height. The standard Charpy-V notch specimen is 55mm long, 10mm square and has a 2mm deep notch with a tip radius of 0.25mm machined on one face. In some circumstances, sub-size Charpy specimens can be tested with thickness less than 10mm.

Factors that affect the Charpy impact energy of a specimen will include:

• Yield strength and ductility
• Notches
• Temperature and strain rate
• Fracture mechanism

How Qualitest Canada performs the Charpy Impact Test?

Qualitest Canada can perform charpy impact test on various metals and temperature upto -80C. Qualitest Canada has latest and high tech equipment which is fully automatic with digital reading. Because of the top notch equipment, the test accuracy is very high and the human error is ‘ZERO’. The productivity is also very high comparing to any other manual equipment which does the similar test. So, Qualitest Canada can expedite the tests and send the results to clients as earliest as possible. Clients are most welcome to witness the test as we would like to them to see our other testing equipment as well.


If you need assistance for Charpy Impact test, please feel free to contact us at 780-851-2020 or email at admin@qualitests.com