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Why you need an Experts for welding procedures (WPS) development and qualification (PQR)?

Experts for welding procedures

Qualitest Canada has experts for welding procedures development. Our experienced staff can assist you in developing a welding procedure to align with your project requirements and keep within compliance of Clients specifications, Provincial requirements (ABSA, BC Boiler Safety, TSASK etc.), applicable construction codes and standards. We can also provide Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) consulting and documentation interpretation.

Our Engineers are fully aware of the provincial requirements like ABSA, BC Boiler Safety, TSASK etc, and they can prepare your weld procedure as per your project requirements. We provide WPQ specs for ASME, CSA, AWS, API standards and Client’s requirements. This are the reasons, you need Expert for welding procedure (WPS) development and qualification (PQR).

A welding procedure qualification is necessary to ensure quality and durability of your welds. Each standard has its own nuances and details that require guidance from experienced professionals, like those found at Qualitest Canada.

Welding Procedure Development & Qualification

A WPS is the official document that describes a specific welding procedure that is used as a guide for your welders to insure they are using proper techniques to produce dependable and quality welds as per the code specification. A WPS is developed for each type of material being used as well as the different welding types and are usually based of off the specific codes from the ASME, CSA, AWS and API. Every welding procedure specification is backed by a procedure qualification record.

Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)

Once a WPS is developed or interpreted from client specification a welding procedure qualification record is required to support the WPS and insure that the procedure produces strong quality welds. A PQR can support one or several WPS as long as they fall under the same required specification. This is required and demonstrates that your company has the knowledge to perform this particular procedure and that your welds possess the correct metallurgical and material properties.

This is determined by sending a test weld through our material testing laboratory where we will certify the WPS with a PQR. Once the procedure is approved by the authority, we can also qualify your welders to assure the required knowledge and skill to perform this procedure is satisfactory.

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WPS and Welder Testing for Oilfield steam distribution pipelines (SAGD) as per CSA Z662 Annex I

SAGD Welding Procedures

Qualitest assists clients involving pipeline construction to get the right SAGD welding procedures for their projects. The WPS and Welder Testing for Oilfield steam distribution pipelines (SAGD) as per CSA Z662 Annex I is NOT similar to ASME Section IX requirements as there are additional stringent requirements from CSA Z662, Annex I.

Qualitest Canada’s engineering team has an in-depth understanding of the requirements for SAGD Oilfield steam distribution pipelines construction, and extensive experience in welding of the steam pipeline materials.

Depending on the client’s requirements, Qualitest Canada will provide any combination of the following services:

  • Review of owner SAGD specifications and supplementary requirements, system design, design auditing, and quality control
  • Review of designs for contractor project requirements for steam line testing.
  • Preparing Weld Procedure (WPS) for SGAD projects (Annex I)
  • Qualifying welders as per Annex I
  • Reviewing WPS/PQR’s previously approved and providing a review reports.
  • Performing all kind of SAGD related metallurgical testing (All weld metal tensile testing, charpy impact testing, guided bend testing, macro hardness testing, etc)
  • Consulting services and support for QA / QC personnel who work with SAGD steam piping SAGD streamline testing, inspection, and certification services
  • Third party auditing services, including, facility and field audits, pipe fabrication audits & steam line failure analysis

Qualitest Canada provides top notch welding engineering services to all kind of industries including the Marine, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Infrastructures etc in the Western Canada including Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, Victoria, Kitimat, Dawson Creek, Kelowna, Kamloops, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Regina, Saskatoon etc…

The welding Engineers in Qualitest Canada are specialists in welding procedure (WPS) design, testing, and documentation for new applications and repairs. Depending on your needs, we will design your welding procedure specification to various codes & standards including but not limited to ASME, CWB, API, CSA, AWS and various Project Specifications.

All work is done in accordance with CSA Z662 Clause 14 and Annex I, Oilfield Steam Distribution Piping (SAGD). Contact Qualitest Canada for more information 780-851-2020 or admin@qualitests.com