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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Watermain pipes in Montreal Quebec

Qualitest Canada provides Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Watermain pipes in Montreal Quebec with its highly experienced professionals. Qualitest service area covers almost every major cities and towns in Canada including Mississauga, Hamilton, Sarnia, Milton, St. Catharines, Ottawa, Brampton, Sudbury, London, Markham, Vaughan, Kitchener, Windsor, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, Victoria, Kitimat, Dawson Creek, Kelowna, Kamloops, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Regina and Saskatoon.

Hydrotest Service for water main pipes

Qualitest Hydrotest Service for water main pipes stands as a benchmark in ensuring the robustness and reliability of critical water infrastructure. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned experts, Qualitest conducts meticulous hydrotests that subject water pipes to elevated pressures, simulating real-world conditions. This process allows for the early detection of vulnerabilities, leaks, or structural issues, ultimately preventing potential disasters. From thorough pre-test preparations to post-test analyses, Qualitest ensures a comprehensive approach, delivering detailed reports and tailored solutions.

Our commitment to regulatory compliance, coupled with its focus on cost-effective measures, not only prolongs the longevity of water main pipes but also minimizes disruption to water services. Qualitest Canada’s Hydrotest Service emerges as a crucial guardian of water infrastructure, safeguarding the lifelines of communities across the nation.

Hydro test for process piping system with blinds and plugs

We provide hydro test services to process piping system installed at various facilities including Mining, Oil and Gas, Utility sectors, Terminals etc. Where the pipe ends are with flanges, we use the blinds. If the ends of the pipes are plain, then we use the plugs for the hydro tests. Our professionals assess the system and identify the drains and vent points prior to the test. Any sensitive components (i.e control valves, strainers, thermowells, etc) will be removed from the test. A jumper connection will be made to be continues flow. The results of each test will be recorded on the test report and signed off by a competent person.

Hydro test for HDPE Pipe lines

Qualitest stands as a prominent leader in the field of HDPE Pipeline hydro testing. Our team comprises top-tier professionals dedicated to executing hydro tests on HDPE pipelines with unparalleled expertise. We support our clients by furnishing comprehensive hydro test procedures, conducting safety meetings, and ensuring the thorough completion of all necessary documents, including test reports. Functioning as a crucial intermediary between the client and end user, we prioritize ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the work performed.

Qualitest Canada primarily uses HDPE hydrostatic testing to affirm the integrity of HDPE pipelines. To remove trapped air in the HDPE pipeline, the process involves meticulous venting. If air pockets persist during the filling-phase, additional ventilation may be necessary at the highpoint in the line under examination. Additionally, our protocol emphasizes the importance of re-tightening any loosened flanges before applying pressure to the HDPE line. This meticulous approach ensures the integrity and reliability of the entire hydro testing process.

Other services by Qualitest Canada

Qualitest Canada also provides world-class engineering services in Canada, focusing HDPE Burst Test, Welding Engineering, Geotechnical Investigation, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA Phase I, II and III), Construction Materials Testing Services, and Non-destructive Testing for Steel and Concrete Scanning with Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo (UPE) technology.

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